The Border

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The Border

Post by Elite Oak on Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:33 pm

Elite Oak wrote:The young wolf padded along the border, it was a nice spring morning. Dew from the grass stuck to his fur as he went quietly along. He had come to make sure that there were no unwelcome intruders, though their 'pack' was so small almost no one would be considered unwelcome. Brown fur lit by the sun's early rays. amber eyes peered out at the land before the wolf. He was happy here, content. He had been born in these lands, and he would defend them to the bitter end so long as his sister held them. She had given him the rank of Elite only because he would not accept the rank of Beta, and he felt happy know he would be the one to patrol and protect their lands.

Not that he was the only wolf who would of course, but as Elite he could decide to allow other wolves into their pack with Forest's blessing. She trusted him enough that she would allow him to pick and choose who would be welcomed, and Oak reveled in the responsibility. He had no need for power of course, he was content to just stand by his sister's side even if she had given him the rank of Omega; but he liked the idea of knowing the pack would not just be random chaos. He would make sure the borders were patrolled as often as he could.
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