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Admin wrote:


1~Where there used to be an unlimited character rule, now you may only have eight at most. You may join three right away, but please wait suitable amounts of time before joining anymore or this rule will become stricter. Where you used to be able to create only one account and post all of your characters on it, on this version of the Spotted Way PLEASE make separate profiles for your characters.

2~The first wolf you join is your MAIN ACCOUNT. Please acknowledge your main account when joining another wolf. (EX: MAIN ACCOUNT: Forest is joining NEW ACCOUNT: Renegade.) It's really easy and doesn't take much time, so please don't forget to add this. If you join an account and don't follow this rule, it may be deleted. I WILL KNOW IF YOU JOIN NEW ACCOUNTS WITHOUT MENTIONING IT AND THE PROFILE WILL BE DELETED. So just as that little bit of information when making new characters; You don't have to do that for your first character unless you want to.

3~You may create your own forums, but please don't abuse this freedom. It is considered spam if you make too many at once, disobey this at your own risk.

4~For now, sense this is the beginning of the new Spotted Way, four of your eight characters may be high rank. I(Rose/Forest) may place a stricter limit later, but for now just please don't join more than four characters with the intent of getting a high rank. Not all ranks are available to JOIN AS so you may instead say for desired position: I wish to be Alphess, Alpha, Betess, Beta, Elite, Scout, Mentor, Regular, Mother, Apprentice, Pup, Omega, etc.

5~Wolf Ranks and how many wolves may be of that rank: Alphess(1) - Alpha(1) - Betess (1) - Beta (1) - Elite(2) - Scout (3) - Mentor(Unlimited, but only with Apprentice) - Regular(Unlimited) - Mother (Unlimited, but 5 at most is suggested) - Apprentice (Unlimited) - Pup (Unlimited, 4 per litter at most) - Omega(3)

6~Your picture CANNOT be copyright; please make sure the owner of the picture approves your use and list your source. If you made it yourself, simply say so. Please keep in mind your wolf picture is supposed to be REALISTIC.

7~At least two PARAGRAPHS(or eight sentences) PER POST.


1~DO NOT IGNORE WARNINGS!!!! You can only have so many before you are banned from the site. If a Mod or Admin thinks you are doing something wrong do not make it worse by breaking rules to get at them. Tell me and perhaps I(Forest) can tell you what you are doing wrong.

2~Do NOT power play, god model, spam, or curse! There are younger people on the site who don't need to know bad content. Power playing is cruel, and people should not have to worry about it, so power players are banned, along with spammers. No sexual content. Pups appear with no large details, and the same goes for how they appear. It is disgusting if you role play when everyone else is trying to focus on general role play. Also remember there are younger members on the site.

3~No powers, this is a REALISTIC role play! Keep that in mind when you create your wolf. When out of character, use (parentheses). Please try to remember to role play, instead of just spamming the whole chat box with out of character. You may also use the side chat box, where you will not need to use (parentheses), so I suggest you go there for any out of character chat. Role play realistically, meaning don't use *stars*, -dashes-, or any other signs that you do not see being used commonly. You are allowed to use stars when you correct words or accidentally send the message too early. (Ex. Let's say I accidentally spelled Olympics as Olynpics. I could then send *Olympics to correct it.) Remember, this is a realistic role play!

4~ONLY advertise on the Advertizing page. It is counted as spam if you advertise anywhere else. If someone wants to join a new website, they will look at the Advertising page or at the Affies there.

5~Profile is required for role play threads.

7~To join, point out: No six!

8~For now, our role play does allow unnatural eye colors such as purple and pink, but no rainbow and this ONLY includes eyes, not fur or other features. Please don't try to join a neon rainbow color wolf >.<


1. No more than FOUR pups per litter.

2. You may not have your characters fall in love after only meeting once UNLESS it is for special occasion such as a plot or you have Admin's blessing.

3. This one is kind of a no-brainer, but no mating for wolves of different packs UNLESS it is for special occasion such as a plot or you have Admin's blessing.

4. No explicit details, please. You will be banned (At the least temporarily) for breaking this rule, so just don't do it. >.<

5. Pups need to look like their parents, a combination of fur and eye color is fine but a brown pup can't be born to two white wolves. Just keep it realistic; also note it is up to BOTH parents to decide the appearances and names of the pups, not just one.

6. YOUR WOLF MAY NOT MATE AT APPRENTICE OR YOUNGER. While Apprentices may have crushes, they may not mate. Pups can't even have crushes, period.

7. Don't make two of your own characters mates; I mean, what's the point of that? o.O

8. If your the she-wolf in a mated pair and your 'expecting' or have pups, even if your having them is secret you will be ranked 'MOTHER' until they are Apprentice age unless your character is a Lone Wolf or Rogue.

There is a joining key above which are fairly easy to find just to make sure you've read the rules before joining; don't forget to add them when you join! There is another hidden somewhere else on the website.

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