The Border

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The Border

Post by Regular Snow on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:31 pm

Regular Snow wrote:
The white she-wolf padded along, listening to the birds morning song. The ground below her was hard and rough, but she didn't mind; her paws had become accustomed to the rocky surface of mountain that was her home. She saw a hare and began to change position, but was unlucky because the hare had already noticed her. She watched with a frown as the little creature got away, and sighed before shaking out her fur. She stretched, smiled, and continued on her way.

Snow had been living on this mountain since her birth, and she had no intention of leaving it though it did get lonely from time to time. She remembered her mother, Wish, had said she doubted the packs would come together again. Still, Snow held onto the hope someone would join her on the mountain she knew as home. She would be happy if she could meet just one other wolf who wanted to share this mountain with her, and who knew? Maybe they were already here. Snow paused to lap at a clear stream which ran down the mountain; it had rained recently and there were several such places.
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